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The Super Simple Secret to Investing in Domain Names

In fact, there are companies that provide a said "private" and "public" auction. The private auction is considered as a category if two or more members bid on the same domain name. As such, the domain names go into a private auction for three days, where only the previous bidders will be granted to join the bidding. Other experts also put some emphasis on the awareness if your website content can be categorized in an internet directory like the DMOZ.org based upon the domain name. And you should then ask if your website domain name involves some words that spelled variously in different parts of the world, like the word color and colour. Given such fact, it is commonly noted that there are several types of domain name suffix, and the most common domain name suffix is the .com which generally stands for a company. It is interesting to know that other well-known domain name suffixes include the .org which stands for organization, and . In fact, many domain name suggestions have noted that trademarked domain names are not very nice, and also most companies really called their lawyers just to get their names back. And lastly, some domain name suggestions maintained that if you are really interested to register for a domain name, then you should register it as soon as possible before you loose the chance to get the name that you really desired. To better show a concrete idea about the dot edu domain name, take for example the University of Portland's domain name at www.up.edu which is the official site of Oregon's Catholic University, the University of Portland. Just like some of the top level domains such as the dot gov, dot net, and dot int, the dot edu domain name is also known as part of the generic domain names that is one that would not immediately be related with a company. Just like the dot fr for France and dot jp for Japan, the dot uk domain name stands for the United Kingdom or the standard for businesses and organizations that are operating within or marketing to the United Kingdom. And for a much greater emphasis, the dot uk domain name as it is mentioned above is a country code top level domain or known as ccTLD and thus corresponds to a country, territory, or other geographic location, and for the part of the dot uk domain name, that is the United Kingdom. 

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