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How to Change Domain Name / Website Address / URL of Your Wordpress Site

To better show a concrete idea about the dot edu domain name, take for example the University of Portland's domain name at www.up.edu which is the official site of Oregon's Catholic University, the University of Portland. Just like some of the top level domains such as the dot gov, dot net, and dot int, the dot edu domain name is also known as part of the generic domain names that is one that would not immediately be related with a company. net for a network. Many domain name experts have considered that one of the best and simple trick for locating companies and organizations on the internet is definitely to enter the name with the appropriate top-level domain name. So, if the top-level domain name of a site is .gov or .org, then you should be aware of that, for you to find the exact location of the site that you are looking for. First things first, before you go for a domain name registration it is important that you know the nature of the domain name. So what it is? The domain name is basically the address on the internet. It is generally composed of two major parts, the top level domain name and the mid level domain name or the second level domain. And speaking of those types of the domain name extensions, it is important to know that the dot uk domain name which is the focus of this article is just a segment of a certain type. Essentially, for some reasons and purposes, many considered buying a dot uk domain name. It is greatly noted that the dot uk domain name just like the dot fr or the dot jp are domain name extensions or top level domain names that belong to the second type of domain name extension which is the Country-level top domains. Well, that is not too hard though. With the presence of the domain name registrars, your desire for domain names will be made possible. But what really are domain registrars? In a most concrete identification, the domain name registrars are actually companies that register domain names for those who love to own a domain name. It is then very easy to determine who owns domain names since there are so many domain name services today that help you to determine the answer to such problem. In the internet, a person who owns domain names is a licensed one or who is shown as the domain name registrant on the whois database of the registrar. 

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