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How To Buy a Domain Name on GoDaddy 2022 (Live Walkthrough)

So whenever you see a dot edu domain name, now you know that it is an educational institution or a degree granting university. To better show a concrete idea about the dot edu domain name, take for example the University of Portland's domain name at www.up.edu which is the official site of Oregon's Catholic University, the University of Portland. Many people were really asking that question times every time a subject about domain name and its extensions is tackled. Well, fortunate for them that they are actually left with answers on their hands. However, many of the people today are still not aware of the nature of domain name extension and its types especially those who haven't heard anything about domain names. According to some experts, when you register a domain name, you really need to specify your Domain Name Server or DNS information. However, there are some instances that you need to change such registered DNS information for certain purposes. Speaking of those purposes, one is noted that if you have a new web site or even an email account, your web hosting or the Internet Service Provider will ask you to change your registered Domain Name Server information in order to make your registered domain name to be connected to your web site and so your email account can be setup. In fact, many domain name suggestions have noted that trademarked domain names are not very nice, and also most companies really called their lawyers just to get their names back. And lastly, some domain name suggestions maintained that if you are really interested to register for a domain name, then you should register it as soon as possible before you loose the chance to get the name that you really desired. Essentially, a domain name transfer is made possible when the current domain name holder or registrant wishes to make some adjustments on the domain name companies that provide the domain name services. So, a domain name transfer is a process that can only be made possible with the effort of the domain name registrant of with the administrative contact who is listed on the recent domain name registration record. This certain status of the domain name takes place when the domain name holder forgot to renew the registered domain name, and so when a certain domain name is given as "expired domain name", it is understandable that such expired domain name is on the way to deletion from the domain name registry. 

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