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Choosing a Domain Name: Do This FIRST!

In a most concrete identification, the domain name registrars are actually companies that register domain names for those who love to own a domain name. And for everybody to comprehend the real nature of domain name registrars and the nature of their work and their role in domain name registration, one must then learn about the ICANN or the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. It is indeed interesting to know that such mentioned domain name suffixes as generally maintained by the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN which generally manages the Domain Name System for the purpose of identifying the kind of a certain group managing the web site. And since not all domain name suffixes are appropriate in all situations, you should then know your own judgment when deciding which domain name suffix to add every time you go for a domain name registration. Well, it is also typical that the web site designers or an internet service provider owns a domain name. Generally, a person who owns domain names or the initial owner who is technically called the "licensee" of a domain name is the person or entity that is listed as the domain name registrant. Lastly, in the domain name registration, you should be aware that it is only the domain name registrars who can handle all the process of domain name registration. No one can access and modify the domain name database except the domain name registrars. So if you want to go for a domain name registration, the domain name registrars is the first resource that you should approach. In terms of the registrant domain name transfer, it is considered that this kind of domain name transfer takes place when the current registrant of a domain name wanted to transfer all the domain name rights to a third party. It is only the domain name registrant or the administrative contact who are allowed to perform the registrant domain name transfer process. Today, there are so many companies that provide you to the opportunity to change you registered domain name, and some of those even offer the registered domain name change for free. So now that you have a new registered domain name, you have the opportunity to build a web site for whatever purposes, whether it is for corporate or personal use. 

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