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How To Add Custom Domain Name in Azure

Along with that, it is also interesting to know that such mentioned domain name extensions - .com, .net, and .org - are the most common and they belong on the international front. For further information, such mentioned domain name extensions are called as the "Big 3" for the reason that they accessible to anyone, without limitations, and now widely recognized in all parts of the globe. Perhaps, it is for the reason that many people these days, especially those who wanted to look for available domain names on the web, are really into some of the available and offered domain name lookup services. Given such truth behind the world of the domain names, I have presented a few of the available sites on the web today that provide domain name lookup services for the domain name lovers. In terms of a country by country basis, the common domain name extensions are based on the two-character ISO country codes and this is for the main reason that many countries offered these kinds of domain name extensions. Among such kind of domain name extensions is the .fr for France, .jp for Japan, and so on and so forth. The first way for you to sell a domain name is to look for a buyer yourself or what the other call as "private transaction". From the name itself, it is understandable that this way to sell a domain name is strictly between the buyer and the seller, of course with no third party involved in the transaction. Besides, it is found out that there are also some registrar companies who require a notarized form or other formal recognition documents, but these are just depending on the certain county that the registrants resides in. It is commonly noted that they require such documents for the domain name transfer process to prove that the registrant is the actual domain name holder. Speaking of these user-friendly addresses for web sites, these help connect both computers and people on the internet. Given such fact, it is interesting to know that the domain name is understood as string of letters or numbers that is used to describe an IP address. This is the primary function of the domain name in the field of the internet. 

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