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Domain Names Explained | Web Pro Glossary - Domains Vol. 1

Since there are so many new websites today and the number of new website domain name registration increase every month, finding the right website domain name might be tough. Thus you must then keep a few website domain names in mind or even just a combination of words when you are still searching for a domain name. It is in fact a general view that all of the domain name extensions, whether it is a dot com, dot net, dot org, or dot edu domain names, really play a great part for identifying a domain name. If the dot com, dot net, and dot org is the most common types of domain name extensions and has contributed a great part in the field of domain name, the dot edu domain name is also of great importance. To further create a vivid idea on the uses of a domain name extension, it is interesting to know that a domain name extension like .com is particularly intended for the commercial organizations. The .net domain name extension is then designed for network services just like the Internet Service Providers or ISPs, and on the other hand, a domain name extension like . The term "domain name suffix" then is such commonly used and commonly heard term, but is least understood. So for those who are interested to know the nature of the domain name suffix and the role that it played in the domain name arena, you better continue reading for here are some facts about the domain name suffix. So then, this first among the domain name suggestions for selecting a domain name maintained that you try to register the shortest name that your customers and visitors will easily associate with your web site. Aside from such consideration taken from various domain name suggestions ever published, here comes another one of the common domain name suggestions which hold that the domain name extensions play a large role in the domain name. Domain Name Transfer What is a domain name transfer? Is this an ordinary process of transferring just like those regular transfer processes? These are just two of so many questions that surround the domain name transfer. So you want to know the answer? Then, you read on. Essentially, a domain name transfer is made possible when the current domain name holder or registrant wishes to make some adjustments on the domain name companies that provide the domain name services. 

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