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How to Point Domain Name to Another Hosting (NameCheap to GoDaddy / HostPapa)

As it is commonly noted, domain name IP addresses are much similar with telephone numbers. I am sure that you know that there is a common name listed in the phonebook that is associated with a long string of numerals pertaining to a specific telephone. Aside from that, it is also interesting to know that speaking of the domain name IP addresses; others noted that the domain name IP addresses are like the reference numbers that are applied to categorize the books in a library. But aside from such mentioned domain name suffixes, here comes another domain name suffixes which are also of great use, and these are the .museum for use by museums; .name for use by individuals; .net for networks and which is typically reserved for organizations like the internet service providers; . In the place of the second transaction which is the registrar domain name transfer, it is noted that this takes place when the current domain name registrant wishes to switch domain name registrar companies. Along with that, the registrant may wish to adjust companies for the reason that they are unsatisfied with the level of customer service that the companies provide or for any other reason. With their domain name lookup engine, you will definitely find the recently available domain names, and you can also lookup the multiple domain records. Aside from that opportunity, their domain name lookup engine also grants you to monitor your company name. So all you need to do is to enter the appropriate domain name and select an extension for such name. It is well noted that these domain name extensions are generally under the control of the government and so adding a level of stability and durability seemed so tough to match. ICANN are approving new set of domain name extensions all the time. They are generally called "alternative top level domain names" and that they are officially known, thus they will work in all parts of the globe, in any browser or other software. Speaking of the domain name registrars, it is interesting to know that they are authorized by the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN to issue domain names to the public. The whois database maintained by the domain name registrars that list contact information about all the domain names issued by the registrar then serves as a major vehicle for knowing who owns domain names. 

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