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com and is one of the most complete whois services on the web. With their domain name lookup service, they will automatically track the appropriate "whois" database server for a certain domain name, and then questions that database for details about that certain domain name. Also, they return all the available data after such process of locating the domain names. It is often considered that if you have a company, try to look for a website domain name that involves the name of your company. Aside from that, it is important that you think for some website topic keywords that you can include in your website domain name even for at least one keyword. Furthermore, you should then be aware if the website domain name that you choose describes the content of your website. First things first, if you are serious for identifying your domain name value, you should be aware if whether you receive unsolicited offers to buy the domain name or not. According to some experts for determining a domain name value, if an instance happened that you get emailed offers to purchase the domain name without it being registered for sale anywhere in the world, that certainly shows that your domain name value is high or it has a certain value to somebody. Therefore, the domain name suffix is a major part of domain name functioning to let the people or the visitors of a certain site recognize the nature of the web site. It is known as a generic top level domain and it therefore describes the type of organization. Given such fact, it is commonly noted that there are several types of domain name suffix, and the most common domain name suffix is the . net are intended for network services such as ISPs and the .org is for non-profit organizations. These mentioned domain name extensions belong on the international front and these domain name extensions are the common in such field. In terms of a country by country basis, the common domain name extensions are based on the two-character ISO country codes and this is for the main reason that many countries offered these kinds of domain name extensions. But today, I will provide not particular steps for you to know who own domain names but a somewhat general view coupled with specific ideas. Many people today are not sure if they own their domain name or not. This so happens since there is a great chances that neither you nor anybody in your company has ever verify to see who owns domain names. 

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