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DNS Explained | Domain Name System | Cisco CCNA 200-301

edu for education institution, and .net for a network. Many domain name experts have considered that one of the best and simple trick for locating companies and organizations on the internet is definitely to enter the name with the appropriate top-level domain name. So, if the top-level domain name of a site is . And fortunately, this vehicle for determining who owns domain names is now available on the web and is open to be searched. So speaking of this vehicle for determining who owns domain names, it is important that you check the ownership of a domain name in the whois database of the great domain name companies on the web today like the Network Solutions and the Bettr-Whois. According to some experts for determining a domain name value, if an instance happened that you get emailed offers to purchase the domain name without it being registered for sale anywhere in the world, that certainly shows that your domain name value is high or it has a certain value to somebody. In determining your domain name value, it is also important that you are aware if the domain name is a . With this fact, the concept for domain name auction was born. In the domain name auction, those domain name holders who have not paid their registration fee or did not renew their domain names could find their corner of the internet, their domain names in general, being sold off to the highest bidder. Well, fortunate for them that they are actually left with answers on their hands. However, many of the people today are still not aware of the nature of domain name extension and its types especially those who haven't heard anything about domain names. For such matter, it is indeed a nice idea to present some of the facts about the domain name extension and its types for the people to know what a domain name extension is and how it functions in the world of the internet. Domain Name IP Address When we talk about domain name, we are basically referring to an address of a web site that is primarily intended for an easy and quick identification. Speaking of these user-friendly addresses for web sites, these help connect both computers and people on the internet. Given such fact, it is interesting to know that the domain name is understood as string of letters or numbers that is used to describe an IP address. 

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